Zeal Technology Solutions Limited
公司性質:香港公司公司規模:50 - 99人



The Zeal Group (https://www.zfx.com) is a global corporation with a diversified portfolio of businesses spanning across Europe and Asia. Headquartered in London, the group’s core businesses encompass capital markets, technology development and marketing services.  

Zeal Solution Technology Limited (ZST) is a group company under the Zeal Group. Established earlier this year, ZST is located in Hong Kong and the Asia headquarters. We provide strategic management, technology, marketing and manpower support pan-Asia Pacific offices that are currently located in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Greater China region. We are young, energetic and rapidly expanding. We offer attractive packages and remunerations to right candidates.



  • 聯 系 人:Elena Ng
  • 聯系電話:29796515
  • 公司電郵地址:elena.ng@zfx.com
  • 公司地址:3302, West Tower, Shun Tak Centre, Sheung Wan


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